Counseling & Therapy

Samadhi offers several therapeutic approaches including Integral Psychotherapy, expressive movement therapy, and music therapy.

Integral Psychotherapy is a modern method which integrates East/West knowledge about human development and our potential. Through this therapeutic practice, Samadhi provides clients with a unique and cutting-edge approach to psychological healing.

A synthesis of many kinds of therapeutic perspectives, the objective of Integral Psychotherapy is to assist clients on their evolutionary journey toward higher levels of development.

A client’s growing perspectives of self, other, environment, and beyond are fostered within the framework of the Integral map, which is taught to the client within our psycho-educational sessions. These sessions teach the client the Integral framework so they can learn to develop a context for their lives; past, present, and future. Building on that framework, Integral Psychotherapy provides the client with a full spectrum approach to healing and personal growth.


Appointments for Psychotherapy may be booked by emailing Nicole directly.  Samadhi requires an email address and credit card for booking all private appointments.

Nicole Trudel Churchill, MA, MT-BC

We value your business and respect your time. We ask that you do the same with regard to cancelling appointments.  Samadhi requires an e-mail address and credit card on file for all appointments.  24 hours notice is required for cancellations.  Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will incur a full charge to the card on file for the missed service.