Private Study & Personalized Meditation Training

Private study and personalized Meditation Training
with John Churchill

john bio picThe best way to learn meditation practice and spiritual growth is in relationship. Samadhi offers personalized guidance with John Churchill in meditation and the contemporary spiritual journey. If you have recently become interest in spiritual practice, or if you have been practicing for some time yet are in need of further guidance and clarification to deepen your realization, John is here to support you step by step along the way.

Personally, trained in the Buddhist tradition, and yet very much at home in the Judeo-Christian stream, the scientific enlightenment of modernity, and integrated wholisitic perspectives, his role is to educate, suggest practices, guide study, catalyze growth, and support you finding your way. As part of the work together you may work with one or all of the following practices:





Scheduling a Private Appointment

Appointments may be scheduled by e-mailing  

Appointments may be done in person or via Skype.

All initial appointments are 90 minutes. Subsequent appointments may be booked for 30 or 60 minutes.

Samadhi requires an email address and credit card on file for booking all private appointments.



About John

Born in England, John Churchill’s interest in meditative and contemplative studies began as a teenager. After leaving high school, he joined Samye Ling Kagyu Monastery in Scotland where he began his studies in Mahamudra essence meditation. He came to the United States in 1997 to study at Naropa, a Buddhist University where he majored in Contemplative Psychology. He has been a Mahamudra Dzogchen  student of Dr. Daniel Brown since 2005, and began to study Dzogchen with the Venerable Rahob Rinpoche in 2007. John has assisted and co-taught numerous weeklong retreats with Dr Brown.  John’s mentoring relationship with Dr. Brown led to his authorization as a teacher of Mahamudra in 2012, and he continues to work closely with Dr. Brown. Additionally, John has developed and taught since 2002 ‘Embodying the Open Ground’, a somatic path to meditation. John is deeply interested in the relationship between the body and awakening, psychological and contemplative development, and the emergence of an awakened community.

Appointments for meditation may be booked by emailing