Pointing Out Way Level 1 in Boulder, CO with John Churchill

June 30 ~ July 7, ‘18
9:00am - 6:00pm


$1,200 (some fellowships available)

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Full refund, minus $150 admin fee up to February 1, 2018.
After February 1, 2018 fees may be put towards another retreat offered by John Churchill.

7-Day Meditation Retreat~The Pointing Out Style of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Meditation with John Churchill

The pointing out style is an ancient way of teaching meditation that is firmly grounded in the teacher-student relationship. In the early essence traditions of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, like the Great Seal (phyags chen; Mahamudra) and the Great Perfection (dzogs chen) meditation traditions, students were literally sung into awakening by their teachers using pithy poem-songs called dohas. The Tibetan word, ngo sprod pa means “to point out” or “to introduce.” The student describes meditation experience in sufficient detail while the teacher carefully monitors the student’s meditation progress. The teacher offers of detailed explanation of the typical meditation experiences, way to practice, and common problems that arise at each stage of meditation practice. When the student has developed the practice so as to make the mind ‘fit’ the teacher points out the real nature of the mind and the protected practices that enable the student to awaken to the mind’s real nature.

Pointing out refers to a style of teaching meditation that is very much relationally-based. The retreats are intensive. You will get a complete, detailed set of instructions for every stage of meditation practice in the retreat, hopefully in a form that is easy to implement. All the meditations are guided, and students are followed carefully. Therefore, retreat enrollment numbers are limited. Retreats are not silent as live instructions are given during the meditations to keep you on track; the emphasis is on maintaining the realizations off the meditation pillow more than on it.

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