Samadhi draws its inspiration from a few different fields of inquiry: East/West psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, Ashtanga Yoga, Holistic Health and more.

Gold BuddhaOur Buddhist training is inspired by the teachings of Tibetan Mahamudra and Dzogchen under the instruction of Daniel Brown, Ph.D, and Rahob Tulku Rinpoche . During our time in Boulder, Colorado, we had the honor to study with Dharma Ocean Founder and teacher, Reggie Ray.

Our expressive movement program is inspired by our love of physical embodiment, music, consciousness, and expression.  We offer expressive movement as a method for our students to experience joy in the body, mind and spirit, while gaining access to the transformative power of self expression within a community.

Finally, we continue to be inspired by our students whose wisdom, love, and support we cherish and seek to honor by continually shifting and expanding our offerings based on their suggestions, encouragement, and needs.