Samadhi's Founders

Founders John and Nicole

Samadhi was founded by John and Nicole Churchill, a husband and wife team with a wealth of combined experience in alternative health, yoga, expressive movement, psychology and human development, meditation, and integral and contemplative studies.

John and Nicole both earned degrees from Naropa University, a Buddhist inspired university in Boulder, Colorado. It was during their time at Naropa that they met each other and studied with many seasoned practitioners in the fields of East/West psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, Holistic Health and Somatics.

John holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and leads the Body Based and Concentration Meditation programs offered at Samadhi.  He co-leads, alongside Dr. Daniel Brown, Ph.D,  the Living Meditation classes and Mahamudra Level 1 retreats.  John is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at William James College.  

Nicole holds a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and is a board certified Music Therapist.  She has extensive training in expressive movement modalities and most recently created her own expressive movement form; Kosmic Pulse.

John and Nicole became inspired to create a  community based on an integral worldview and contemplative wisdom.  Their mission is one of Karma yoga, and they offer Samadhi as a gift to their community as a way to develop a compassionate attitude and vantage point for a modern spiritual practice and lifestyle.